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A pampered land, the iodized air and constant attention make our products so good! and ORGANIC

terre vivante, inspiration agroforesterie et permaculture

A living land and
in good health

In our market gardens, we grow vegetables, fruits, aromatic plants and flowers organically. Our production method is inspired by techniques such as permaculture, market gardening on living soil or even agroforestry, but above all, it is done with common sense, patience all based on ancestral heritage!

To guarantee healthy and abundant harvests, we manage the life of the soil so that it is draining, loose and rich in humus. It is to achieve this balance between the elements that our ancestors slowly transformed it thanks to alluvial deposits from the Rance towed on horseback.

manual work

It is this living soil that allows us to reconcile quality and productivity. Our work is precise, manual, which makes it possible to intensify our cultures as much as possible, which would not allow the use of machines.

It is to promote the life of the soil and improve its fertility that we work the land very little. It is quite natural that we turn to manual tools, help minimise soil disturbance, such as the grelinette, the claw or the market garden hoe.

travail manuel des champs
Planches de cultures

Well thought out gardens

We have designed our gardens in permanent cultivation beds, all of the same width, in order to increase productivity and efficiency in our actions. 

The objective is also not to compact the soil and to promote its porosity (and therefore the circulation of air and water) necessary for the proper development of micro fauna and micro flora, precious auxiliaries _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_of culture!

A total of 40 gardens are spread over half a hectare of land.

"In contact with nature, we live to the rhythm of the seasons, our vegetables too"




M² operated



A living soil

Organic labeled production

manual work

Hervé, our market gardening expert


I am a native of the surroundings of Plouër-sur-Rance; I joined the project when it was created in 2015. It was a retraining for me, even if in my childhood and within my family, vegetables and fruits were and still are present in the family vegetable garden.

These six years have enabled us to improve our methods, to better anticipate, to know how to adapt to nature and to our work capacity.

Today my pleasure is in the eyes and the feedback from our customers, restaurateurs as individuals, who appreciate the quality, taste and freshness of our production. Our mission is made possible because we produce on a small area, which is attended to every day.


« Au premier coup d'oeil, déjà, on peut voir que nous avons affaire à des légumes extra frais, naturels et qui ont été traités avec beaucoup d'attention. »

Erwann Bigner - Chef exécutif restaurant 39V - Novembre 2022

It's the season to eat it

The perfect time to plant them


Internship & seasonal contract

Permaculture is also a process of sharing knowledge and a desire to transmit it. This is why we regularly welcome trainees or seasonal workers wishing to learn, test themselves or improve their skills. Sowing, soil preparation, planting, crop and farm maintenance, harvesting, marketing... Our work in the fields is varied and changes with the seasons.


In summer of course, but also in spring and autumn, we welcome market gardeners on seasonal contracts or trainees who can also take advantage of the many opportunities in the region, between land and sea.

Don't hesitate to contact us now for next season!

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